Services For NGO's

  • Integrated Fundraising
  • Online Fundraising
  • Direct Mailing
  • Website Review
  • Bequest Promotions
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Database Development
  • Special Events

About NGO Assist

NGO Assist is a partnership of professionals striving to provide opportunities for small NGO’s, in the main, in the Greater retreat, to grow and deliver valuable contributions in very poor communities they serve. We do however work with other NGO’s in the Peninsula. The City of Cape Town has identified that two of the main needs in our lovely Cape Town are:


NGO Assist, currently been registered as a TRUST, was formed with a vision to assist NGO’s in underprivileged communities grow financially, which will assist them in their efforts to UPLIFT and TRANSFORM the communities they serve with the help of the newly formed, NPO Joint Venture through Group Marketing Projects & programmes such as;

  • 1. 5k Fun Run/Walk Recently held in Lakeside.
  • 2. 12 Hr Fast © - the second time to be launched again this year.
  • 3. The People Tunnels-developed by NGO Assist and NGO’s & the fruit and Veggies provides an income for the NGO & the community as a result of sales.
  • 4. Urban Agriculture-currently in development.
  • 5. School Veggie Gardens.
  • 6. Co—Op Development- This provides in an income for NGO, its staff and or the community.

We strive to create a competitive edge for small NGO’s in a fast developing nonprofit environments, as well as a valuable partnership between small NGO’s and the Private Sector

NGO Assist has launched the Connect Business/NGO Networking Breakfast, contact us for more information

NPO Joint Venture operates as a catalyst to insure that the NGO’s in our programme have the opportunity to meet the “right people” people/Business persons:

  • 1. The use of social media is very important to NGO’s.
  • 2. 87% of NGO’s in the USA use Social Media.
  • 3. 57% of NGO’s in the USA use Blogging as a vehicle in their fundraising.
  • 4. 45% of Non Profits in the USA state that Social Media is extremely important in the Fundraising strategy.

Alone we can do so little...... Together we can do so much..Helen Keller"