The Peoples Tunnel Model for Non Profits



NGO Assist with the assistance of CEDE Greenhouses have acknowledged the importance of Tunnel Farming as the source of income which can sustain both the Non Profits and or to generate income in order to uplift the poor.

NGO Assist is of the opinion that The Peoples Tunnel programme will assist in promoting the Rolling Back the Frontiers of Poverty and to Stimulate Investment and Economic Opportunities in addition to Creating Jobs

The Peoples Tunnel Farming programme focuses on the business side of “community” farming, in addition to keeping overhead costs as low as possible and developing easy-to-access to markets.


NGO Assist’s goal is to assist poor Communities, Schools and Non Profits to overcome Poverty through a novel Empowerment Mechanism – providing local sustainable jobs which remain local.

It is vital if we are to reduce Poverty in these poor communities to create job opportunities!!. The Peoples Tunnel programme does just this!!

Social Entrepreneurship is the use of business principals to effect fundamental social change through practical solutions – creating sustainable market solutions to social problems.

One Author calls it Purpose Driven Capitalism. Agricultural socio-economic development is aimed at increasing capacity and developing communities.