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Fundraising in South Africa

The Fundraising Industry here in South Africa is much like the rest of the world as a result of the economic crises throughout the world and the ever increasing demands upon corporate bodies. A further problem is the perception of many of those involved in Corporate Social Investment that there are some causes more deserving than others, mainly due to the ravages of apartheid over the years.

A further problem that exists today is the fact that monies which previously came from the United States and other overseas countries are no longer freely available. Many of these countries now require NGO's to raise Funds locally, before they will become involved in S.A. This was confirmed when I attended a European Union meeting in Cape Town.

This leaves all Non-Profit Organisations in the same boat!

Organisations, if they are to have impact on the available funding sources, will need to decide whether they are to approach the task ahead in true marketing fashion, in addition to making an investment in their future or to stumble on by relying in the main on foreign and the ever decreasing corporate market.

Experience in South Africa, in recent years has shown that this is becoming more and more difficult – and the returns less and less. In our opinion all NGO's need to commit themselves to the development of an all encompassing Integrated Fundraising programme after the process of Strategic Marketing.

Non-Profit Organisations face an uncertain future if they do not implement a Fundraising Mix which will include Traditional Fundraising, Special Event Fundraising, Direct mail & Electronic Marketing to name but a few, in addition to the development of tripartite partnerships between Themselves, Individual and Corporates.

Who – or What is a Donor?

A donor is a person who actively supports your work through their sustained financial contributions. Non-Profit Organisations depend on donors for all their income. Here in South Africa the contribution from the Individual Donor amounts to in the region of 80% of the total donated. I am sure that you will agree that they do provide a large and vitally important part of income in addition, the donors are without doubt very valuable to your organisation in many other ways.

Your donors are your organisation's Friends. You must share your news with them thereby keeping in touch at all times, resulting in developing long-term relationships which will bring benefits to your organisation-Stakeholder Engagement.

Your Donors will often be the most enthusiastic ambassadors of your organisation. They will become part of your family and will recruit their friends and will respond to your cries of help in your emergencies, in addition to special appeals.

Your Donor, is the lifeblood of your organisation!

Fundraising Today

Fundraising has become a way of life for most NGO's in South Africa. Unfortunately the competition for the Aid/Development rand, due to state of the economy worldwide and ever increasing solicitations, is far greater than ever before in the history of Fundraising in South Africa.

Fundraising in today's ever –changing environment is extremely complex. The cry of non-profit executives straining to make inadequate income meet ever expanding budgets continues to be heard. The frantic search continues for that 'dream' Fundraising event/programme – instant magic – donations to meet budget requirements.

No, Fundraising is not easy. No magic formula has ever been invented that will transform a fervent, even desperate wish into instant results (money in the bank).

The ever funding needs that your organisation are face with, require those in management to be thoroughly professional – as professional as those in the commercial world in order to survive.

All non-profit organisations, in order to survive at this economic time, need to engage in a complete Integrated Fundraising Programme, which must be sophisticated and as vital as Marketing Plans of commercial organisations. NGO Assist , through Integrated Fundraising are committed to the development of Relationship Fundraising (Donor Relationship). With the help of these donors you will bring a new dimension to the existing fundraising programmes of your organisation.

NGO's will need to invest in people to assist in the management of your fundraising programmes.

Then professional approach to complete Fundraising Development will mean research, carefully planned strategies and above all in investment in its programmes.

This is precisely the service we would, as a 'Hands-on Fundraising Consultanst, be able to provide your organisation in order to meet its needs for the future – in addition to that 'dream' event.